Des Moines Register Editorial: Schultz's crusade heavy on cost, light on fraud

Washington, DC – After the release of his 'voter fraud' report, which cost Iowa taxpayers more than a quarter of a million dollars, The Des Moines Register criticized Secretary of State Matt Schultz noting: 

"From the time he entered office in 2011, Schultz set out to plant the idea that Iowa's elections are vulnerable to fraud perpetrated by illegal immigrants, convicted felons and other miscreants. After more than two years of beating the bushes for evidence of this fraud, Schultz reported last week that of 238 cases investigated, 27 criminal charges have been filed by Iowa county attorneys. Of those 27 criminal prosecutions, guilt was established in six cases, four cases were dismissed, one defendant was found not guilty, one prosecution was deferred and 15 cases are pending. In a state with nearly 2 million active registered voters, this handful of cases hardly constitutes evidence of a major problem of voter fraud… it is likely that the vast majority of these cases were people who did not set out to commit election fraud but rather made a mistake because Iowa's voter eligibility rules and forms are confusing."

Paul Pate, who was chair of his campaign, is running to succeed Schultz.  

Read the full Editorial here: Des Moines Register Editorial: Schultz's crusade heavy on cost, light on fraud.



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