iVote Statement on Another Effort by the North Carolina GOP to Undermine Voting Rights

CHICAGO – Following the news that the North Carolina GOP is looking to diminish opportunities for North Carolinians to cast their votes early by implementing weak county early voting plans, Hari Sevugan, iVote Senior Advisor, issued the following statement.


“When the Appeals court struck down the North Carolina Republican Party’s restrictive voting laws, they sent a clear message that the GOP efforts to purposely discriminate against minority voters was illegal. The plans submitted by the Governor's handpicked election officials today continue to limit early vote opportunities and unfairly target minority voters. 

“These new​ ​efforts are ​nothing more than an end-around the court's order. ​And that dog just won't hunt.

“We encourage the Board of Elections to enforce the law, adopt the minority plans, ​and protect North Carolina voters. Anything less is a failure and continuation of discriminative practices that undermine our democracy.”




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iVote, a voting rights campaign dedicated to the powerful notion that every eligible citizen should vote, recently launched multiple campaigns to go on the offense to expand access to voting across the country.


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