iVote Statement on Report of Pate Campaign Staff on State Payroll

Des Moines, IA -- In reaction to the report that Paul Pate's campaign staffer continued to be paid tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars after leaving his job at the Secretary of State's office, news of which Pate dismissed as "playing politics," iVote spokesman Hari Sevugan issued the following statement:

"Paul Pate is absolutely right -- for his campaign staff to be paid with taxpayer dollars despite doing no work for the state is the definition of "playing politics." But this is not the first time Paul Pate has seen no problem bilking Iowa taxpayers while reaping political gain. This latest revelation is part of Paul Pate's proven pattern of abusing the office that he hopes to occupy for partisan or personal profit. That alone should disqualify him from the job."


Former Secretary of State employee, and current Pate campaign spokesman, paid over $20,000 in taxpayer dollars after he left job while producing no work. "A former state employee who received thousands of dollars after quitting the Iowa Secretary of State's Office is now a top aide for the Republican candidate running for that office. Cedar Rapids political consultant Todd Henderson is currently serving as the primary spokesman for GOP secretary of state candidate Paul Pate. In 2011 and part of 2012, Henderson was the assistant director of business services under incumbent Secretary of State Matt Schultz. He resigned that position in February 2012, but continued to receive compensation for another 90 days... A report from the State Auditor's Office released late last month shows that Henderson received some portion of $21,318 in extra payments. In all, six employees were paid after exiting jobs in Schultz's office at a total cost to taxpayers of almost $114,000. The audit report found no evidence of work produced to justify the payments, and lawmakers are now looking into whether it's possible to recoupe the money." [Des Moines Register, 10/9/2014]

Pate dismissed criticism of his staff being paid by the taxpayer while delivering no work as "playing politics." "Pate, though, says those critics are just playing politics." [Des Moines Register, 10/9/2014]  

State reprimanded Pate’s use of state workers to conduct political business on official time. “State campaign regulators have reprimanded Secretary of State Paul Pate because a worker in his office conducted political business on state time. … Pate, a Marion Republican, must establish formal procedures prohibiting political work in his office and establish strict separation between office and campaign work under the settlement. He also got a formal letter of reprimand and agreed to reimburse the state $250.” [Des Moines Register, 2/13/1998]

State Ethics Board investigated Pate’s use of office for campaign activity. “A state board that enforces ethics laws decided Monday to investigate a complaint that the office of Iowa Secretary Paul Pate, a candidate for the republican nomination for governor was used improperly for campaign activities. The complaint by Steven Hulsizer, a former employee, alleges that voter registration lists and computers in the secretary of state’s office were used in the distribution of campaign materials, and staff members helped with political mailings during and after hours.” [Des Moines Register, 10/14/1997]

DMR: Pate “gets a half-dozen political staffers to do campaign work for him on the taxpayers' dime.” “Secretary of State Paul Pate, who campaigned on the promise to try to make something of the job or get rid of it, is using the post to launch a bid for governor in 1998. With salary and benefits, he makes about $90,000 a year plus he gets a half-dozen political staffers to do campaign work for him on the taxpayers' dime.” [Des Moines Register, 10/9/1995]

Days before his term ended, Pate tried to personally copyright state-owned property. “Two days before his term expired last year, Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate placed his personal trademark on slogans created by his office while he was in charge.” [Des Moines Register, 2/4/1999]

Pate caused an “uproar” when he tried to personally trademark state-owned slogans. “Former Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate said he will hand over the election slogans to which he had registered trademarks during his last days in office. Pate caused an uproar when it was disclosed that he had sought to register trademarks for slogans such as ‘Iowa Kids Caucus,’ ‘Generation Vote’ and ‘Get in the Game.’” [Associated Press, 3/15/1999]

State Attorney General: Pate “does not have the right to use or profit” from state-owned slogans. “Former Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, who came under fire for personally trademarking slogans created while he was in office, does not have the right to use or profit from the slogans, the attorney general’s office said Thursday.” [Des Moines Register, 3/12/1999]




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