iVote to Explore Multiple Statewide Automatic Voter Registration Campaigns

CHICAGO, IL  iVote, a national movement to expand access to voting, announced today that it is actively seeking to create campaigns to secure automatic voter registration in multiple states across the country.  

"iVote's mission is to go on offense to protect voting rights, ensuring more Americans have access to the ballot box," said iVote founding board member Jeremy Bird. "Automatic voter registration would be a monumental step in guaranteeing more voters have their voices heard on Election Day." 

Oregon recently adopted legislation that will automatically register any eligible Oregonian with a driver's license to vote in the next election and receive a mail-in ballot. Over 300,000 Oregonians are expected to be added to the voter rolls under the new automatic registration provision.  

"iVote asks 'What if everyone voted?'" iVote founder and President Ellen Kurz added. "We'll keep working to expand access to voting until we have the answer."  



iVote, a voting rights campaign dedicated to the powerful notion that every eligible citizen should vote, recently launched an offensive against orchestrated efforts to block people from voting.

The iVote Board of Directors includes Doug Sosnik, Frank Smith, Ellen Kurz, Jeremy Bird, Michael Blake, Rachael Cobb, Ralph Paige, Wendy Smith, Pete Giangreco. iVote is being advised by 270 Strategies, AKPD, David Binder Research, and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.

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