Jeremy Bird Applauds Governor Brown for Signing Automatic Voter Registration into California Law

Sacramento, CA – Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California New Motor Voter Act into law, which automatically registers all eligible Californians when they get or renew their driver's license unless they opt-out. Jeremy Bird, co-founder of iVote, a leading voting rights group focused on ways to expanding access to voting, issued the following statement:

“By signing automatic voter registration into California law and adding nearly 7 million eligible citizens to the voter rolls Governor Jerry Brown has completed the most successful voter registration drive in American history.

“Secretary of State Padilla, the legislature and Governor Brown showed extraordinary, forward-looking leadership. 

“This is a sea of change in California electoral politics. It's not now only easier to vote in California, but elections in the Golden State are fairer, more modern and more representative than they ever have been. We look forward to many more states taking this impressive next step to ensure fair democracy for all.”


The California New Motor Voter Act, among other advances, automatically register to vote all eligible California residents who get or renew a driver’s license unless they opt-out.  It is estimated that there are between 6.6 and 7 million unregistered voters in the state of California.  

Over the past several weeks iVote has invested six-figures in helping to educate the public on the benefits of automatic voter registration and encourage them to contact the legislature and the governor's office to pass and enact the bill.   

Read more from The Los Angeles Times and Politico.

“iVote Senior Advisor Hari Sevugan tells POLITICO about the California New Motor Voter Act: “iVote has invested six-figures in raising awareness about automatic voter registration because California — and Jerry Brown — have a chance to make history. With just a signature, Governor Brown could run the largest voter registration drive ever. By permanently ensuring eligible Californians are automatically registered, including 7 million eligible but unregistered citizens we have today, we have the opportunity not only to make elections more modern, but more fair.” Brown has until Oct. 13 to put his sign on the bill.”

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