Jeremy Bird Statement on Today's Supreme Court Ruling Restricting Early Voting in Ohio

Chicago, IL -- Today, in a 5-4 vote, the US Supreme Court sided in favor of Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted's plan to cut early voting in Ohio. Two federal courts had previously blocked his plan on the grounds that it was unconstitutional and discriminatory, disproportionately affecting African-American and Hispanic working families. Instead of ruling on the merits of the the Husted plan, the five Republican-appointed justices decided the case on Husted's argument: administering early voting in Ohio, as had been done in previous cycles, would be too much of a burden on his office.   

"Administering elections is Jon Husted's job, not his burden. Jon Husted thinks his convenience should be paramount to that of working Ohioans, and his contempt for their rights disqualifies him from holding this office," said iVote board member Jeremy Bird. "What's clear now is that the only way to protect the voting rights of working Ohioans is to ensure Jon Husted is replaced by a pro-voting Secretary of State, Nina Turner, on November 4th."

iVote was started because its supporters believe that we cannot rely on the courts to protect our constitutional voting rights: instead, we should focus our energy on electing pro-voting secretaries of state.  



iVote, a new voting rights campaign dedicated to the powerful notion that every eligible citizen should vote, recently launched an offensive against orchestrated efforts to block people from voting. iVote will target Secretary of State races in Colorado, Nevada, Iowa and Ohio, activating grassroots armies to elect Secretaries of State who will protect every American’s access to voting.

The iVote Board of Directors includes Doug Sosnik, Frank Smith, Ellen Kurz, Jeremy Bird, Michael Blake, Rachael Cobb, Ralph Paige, Wendy Smith, Pete Giangreco and Executive Director Steven Walker. iVote is being advised by 270 Strategies, AKPD, David Binder Research, and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.


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