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In the majority of states, secretaries of state play a crucial role in elections. The officials often have the power to interpret election laws, determine acceptable forms of ID, manage voter registration systems, and oversee early vote and Election Day.

These responsibilities give secretaries of state considerable control over implementing voting laws and the liberty to make influential policy decisions that impact communities throughout the country. 

We at iVote firmly believe in electing secretaries of state that protect the right to vote and ensure that every U.S. citizen can easily have their voices heard in government. In the map above, you can learn more about who represents you as secretary of state in your respective jurisdiction. The map is interactive; when you click your state, it will redirect you to your secretary of state's web page.


iVote's Work on Secretary of State Races

In 2014, iVote supported Democratic candidates in 4 Battleground States (OhioIowaColorado, and Nevada).  We supported Democratic candidates for secretary of state who sought to encourage participation by expanding access for eligible voters. Our work included data-driven research and message development, people-centered grassroots organizing, and cutting-edge digital strategies. Learn more about our campaign plan here

iVote's work garnered state and national attention for bringing secretary of state races to the forefront of going on the offensive for voting rights. Learn more about how iVote is already making an impact here.

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