Ask Your Representative to Support Automatic Voter Registration in Illinois

Just days ago, 42 Illinois Senators, including Republican Senators Sam McCann, Sue Rezin, Jason Barickman, Chapin Rose, and Neil Anderson, voted to make the voter registration process more modern, secure, and efficient through Automatic Voter Registration (Senate Bill 250). 

If enacted, Automatic Voter Registration will modernize our voter registration system to save time and money, strengthen security, and help more Illinois citizens - especially those who move a lot, like those in the military or in school - participate more easily in our democracy.  

Under Illinois’ current law, if a voter wishes to register to vote at a DMV he or she must fill out separate, duplicative paperwork. With Automatic Voter Registration, eligible citizens would not need to fill out a separate form to register to vote. Instead, all eligible citizens who get or renew their license would be registered to vote - without having to do anything else - unless they chose not to be. This small, straight forward change would eliminate duplication, make our elections more secure and efficient, and save thousands of taxpayer dollars.

The bill (SB 250) passed in the Illinois Senate with strong bipartisan support. Now, it’s heading to the House of Representatives for a vote. If you believe Illinois should seize this bipartisan opportunity to ensure more modern, secure and efficient elections through Automatic Voter Registration, we need your help. 

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