Editorial: A chance to boost democracy — and save money

iVote's efforts to pass automatic voter registration in Illinois have culminated in Senate bill 250 waiting for Governor Rauner's signature. To support this effort, sign this petition. The Chicago Sun-Times has urged him to sign the bill.

From Chicago Sun-Times

"A bill that would sign up more people to vote while also cleaning up voter rolls is sitting on Gov. Bruce Rauner’s desk, awaiting for his signature. Here’s hoping he does not delay.

As it stands now, people renewing their driver’s licenses are asked if they would also like to register to vote. But plenty of people, often in a rush, decline."

"But if Gov. Rauner signs the new automatic voter registration law, the Illinois secretary of state beginning in 2018 would use the information gathered in the driver’s licensing processes to automatically register people to vote, if they are citizens and not already registered. The state later would mail these people a card explaining how they can opt out of registering.

Four other state agencies — the Department on Aging, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and the Department of Employment Security — also would automatically register Illinoisans who come through their doors, although the process would be slightly different."

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