Largest Voter Drive Ever?


By Carla Marinucci

With voter turnout at dismal levels in California, supporters of an automatic voter registration bill — which they say could boost California’s voter rolls by nearly 7 million — are ramping up pressure. The voting rights advocacy group called iVote is making a final push for Californians to ask Gov. Jerry Brown to sign the bill backed by Secretary of State Alex Padilla; it passed the last day of the 2015 legislative session. The bill would automatically register to vote every eligible Californian with a driver’s license — though they can opt out; the nearly 7 million eligible, but unregistered, in California today are mostly young — and Latino. Republican legislators have opposed the effort as a potential for voter fraud.

iVote Senior Advisor Hari Sevugan tells POLITICO about the California New Motor Voter Act: “iVote has invested six-figures in raising awareness about automatic voter registration because California — and Jerry Brown — have a chance to make history. With just a signature, Governor Brown could run the largest voter registration drive ever. By permanently ensuring eligible Californians are automatically registered, including 7 million eligible but unregistered citizens we have today, we have the opportunity not only to make elections more modern, but more fair.” Brown has until Oct. 13 to put his sig on the bill.

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