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'Democracy will be on the ballot': Secretary of state races emerge as newest US political flashpoint

By Fredreka Schouten, August 11, 2021

Republicans and Democrats are gearing up for expensive battles to influence a crop of contests next year that often go unnoticed: secretary of state races...

Want Better Elections? Choose Better Elections Officials

By Ellen Kurz, June 16, 2020

Secretaries of state do more than count ballots and issue drivers’ licenses. They safeguard our democracy.

Increasing voter turnout will strike at the heart of the NRA

By Ellen Kurz, March 30, 2018

The most powerful person in Florida politics is not the governor. It’s not a U.S. senator or even the speaker of the state House. It’s Marion Hammer, the lobbyist for the NRA...

Democratic group will spend $5 million to elect secretaries of state, the latest front in ‘voting wars’

By David Weigel, January 25, 2018

For the 2018 elections, iVote commits to spend $5 million across swing states to help elect Democratic secretaries of state. Ellen Kurz, President and Founder, talks about why the 2018 elections are crucial...

The Midterm Races That Give Democrats Nightmares

By Blake Hounshell

Ellen Kurz, the founder and president of iVote, has been focused on secretary of state races for nearly a decade, she said in an interview. In 2018, the group spent $7 million helping elect Democrats in Arizona and Michigan who later became important players in the 2020 election. This year, iVote has a budget of more than twice that amount — $15 million, which it plans to spend on broadcast, cable and digital advertising to bolster its candidates.

Democratic group to spend millions on Secretary of State races this fall

By Alexandra Marquez

A voting rights group focused on electing Democrats to Secretary of State offices across the country plans to launch an eight-figure media campaign supporting Democratic candidates in five states. iVote, a group founded in 2014, says it is raising the alarm about Republican candidates with extreme views running for Secretary of State this year in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Minnesota.

Is the Future of Arizona the Future of America Without Democracy?

By Ellen Kurz

In 2020, Democratic secretaries of state stood as a firewall against the Big Lie, earning them threats of violence from armed protestors and the former president. Now, in 2022, these election administration officials are on the ballot again, and whether they defeat their "Stop the Steal" opponents may determine whether the 2024 presidential election is free and fair or a constitutional crisis in the making. Nowhere is that truer than in the battleground state of Arizona.

Want Better Elections? Choose Better Elections Officials

By Ellen Kurz

The big news from Georgia’s primary election last Tuesday wasn’t who won and who lost. It was the galling meltdown at polling places in black communities across the state. New voting machines were missing or didn’t work. Voters waited hours in line to cast their ballots. Some understandably gave up.

Congress Must Defeat the Continued Insurrection Against American Democracy | Opinion

By Rep. Jim McGovern and Ellen Kurz

The Capitol insurrection isn't over. In Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country, the assault on American democracy that began on January 6 rages on.

Democratic group will spend $5 million to elect secretaries of state, the latest front in ‘voting wars’

By David Weigel

The left-leaning ballot access group iVote will spend at least $5 million across swing states to elect Democratic secretaries of state — the latest front in the “voting wars” that Democrats worried they have been losing.

Secretaries of State: Our democracy's new first responders

By Ellen Kurz

In recent weeks, our nation and our democracy were attacked by our own government. Donald Trump’s “voter integrity” commission demanded each state hand over the names, addresses, and social security numbers of millions of Americans citizens. Led by state secretaries of State, more than 40 states said “no” in whole or part to Trump’s effort.

Behind Katie Hobbs' win: How Democrats flipped Arizona's 2nd-highest office

By Dustin Gardiner

Most of the money that the Arizona Democratic Party spent on Hobbs' behalf, about $3.2 million, came from iVote Fund. ... 'In the general election, Democrats outspent our campaign two-to-one on television,' said Brian Seitchik, Gaynor's campaign consultant. 'In a Democrat-friendly year, [Hobbs's] spending advantage was the difference.

Opinion: Registration is a voter-suppression tool. Let’s finally end it.

By Ellen Kurz

The midterm elections are less than 30 days away, but if you missed the deadline to register to vote in your state — many of which already passed this week — you’re out of luck.

'Democracy will be on the ballot': Secretary of state races emerge as newest US political flashpoint

By Fredreka Schouten

One Democratic group focused on these races, iVote, has raised $3 million and hopes to collect a total of $15 million to shape contests in several key battleground states, said Ellen Kurz, the group's president. Its top targets: Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Minnesota, all of which backed President Joe Biden in 2020.

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