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2016 will be a close election in which every vote in a Battleground State will matter. While we spend massive amounts of time and energy trying to turn out every voter, the Republican Party is discouraging participation. They attempt to create and pass laws that make it harder to vote, use their discretion as secretaries of state to wipe eligible voters off the rolls, work to curtail voting hours and sponsor a slew of other measures that keep us in a constant legal battle to protect the right to vote.

In 2014, iVote ran independent expenditure campaigns in 4 Battleground States, supporting Democratic candidates for secretary of state who sought to encourage participation by expanding access for eligible voters. Our work included data-driven research and message development, people-centered grassroots organizing, and cutting-edge digital strategies. 

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Focus Group Results on Voting Access

Jon Husted: Making Headlines for all the Wrong Reasons


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