Paul Pate's Greatest Hits


Paul Pate has a shameful history of using higher office for partisan and personal gain. Take a look at some of Pate's greatest hits: 

"We're not making this up: Pate accepts ethics reprimand" -- Cityview, February 18, 1988 


"Accuracy in resumes"

"Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate… says he did not intend to mislead when he submitted a biography to the Iowa Official register saying he was a “graduate” of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania… the error is misleading, grievously so.” - The Des Moines Register, September 25, 1997


"Ethics board investigating Pate campaign"

"A state board that enforces Iowa's ethics laws decided Monday to investigate a complaint that the office of Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, a candidate for the republican nomination for governor, was used improperly for campaign activities." - The Des Moines Register, October 14, 1997 



"From nickel-and-dime stuff to big-league sleaze--in Iowa" 


"Pate in office or out in '98?"

"Secretary of State Paul Pate, who campaigned on a promise to try to make something of the job or get rid of it, is using the post to launch a bid for governor in 1998... Plus, he gets a half-dozen political staffers to do campaign work for him on the taxpayers' dime." - The Des Moines Register, October 9, 1995


"Pate gets reprimand from state"

"State campaign regulators have reprimanded Secretary of State Paul Pate because a worker in his office conducted political business on state time" - The Des Moines Register, February 13, 1998


"Pate is told: No politics in office"

"The Senate Appropriations Committee moved Tuesday to curb activities that some members view as excessive politicization of the Iowa secretary of state's office by its current occupant, Paul Pate" - The Des Moines Register, March 27, 1997



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