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iVote is a national voting rights organization dedicated to going on offense in battleground states to expand access to voting. The New York Times described iVote’s efforts as “the first major push to counter the Republican moves with a legislative strategy to expand voter rights.”

Since being founded in 2014, iVote has run independent expenditure and coordinated campaigns supporting Democratic candidates for secretary of state in Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, New Mexico, Arizona, and Iowa. iVote led the campaign to pass automatic voter registration in Nevada and has run additional electoral and political campaigns in 11 states to pass automatic voter registration. iVote is a partner of Hillary Clinton's Onward Together organization.

You can reach us at

If you are looking for the iVote Civic Education Fund, click here to visit


The founder and president of iVote is Ellen Kurz, who has been called “a one-person Paul Revere, warning of the dangers of vote-suppression efforts.”

Board of Directors

Jeremy Bird
Michael Blake
Valeisha Butterfield-Jones
Rachael Cobb
Pete Giangreco

Betsy Hoover
Jason Kander
Ellen Kurz, President
Rebecca Pearcey
Mark Ritchie
Frank Smith
Doug Sosnik

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